Friday, April 11, 2014

Narendra Modi; As a victim and beneficiary

Sure my heart goes out to him for being victimized by calling him 'anti-secular and anti-muslim' but not my vote because I still think Kejriwal is better choice this time.
Lok Sabha elections are round the corner and the word which is making a lot of buzz is ‘NaMo’ referred to ‘Narendra Modi’. No one can deny he was the main reason of BJP in winning of the State assembly elections in some of the states except Delhi.  Delhi was riding that time in the ‘Kejriwal’ wave.
 A term ‘politics’ which was earlier associated with evil is now gaining popularity, especially among the youth.  Now the chances are rare that someone will interrupt you with the old saying “would you please stop talking about politics?” I am very curious and inquisitive when it comes to know what others have in their mind besides that I also try to know why it is so.

     In political matters you won’t find everyone very logical, they all seem to be driven by different factors. As for me, I think corruption is the root cause of all other problems and because of this every government department in inefficient, facilities have worsened etc., that is why all other concerns have taken a back seat and you may easily guess whom I would want to vote for this election. I went through many articles and talked with people whoever I met in buses or elsewhere.  Based on which the conclusion I came down were shocking and sound detrimental to the future of this country.    

      In present scenario I personally see ‘Narendra Modi’ as a victim and beneficiary both:


Most of the persons would see it or not, especially persons relating to non-BJP parties would find it very hard to believe but I really think that he must be feeling himself victimized by the ‘anti-muslim’ remark because he has never done any act and there are no concrete evidence against him which can prove him as that. Being a ‘Hindutva-vadi’ doesn’t mean he is ‘anti-muslim’. I don’t think he is the best person for the prime minister post but that doesn’t mean that I disrespect him. It’s just Arvind Kejriwal is better person for the post at the moment. I have many muslim friends and when I tried to strike a conversation with them regarding the ‘Narendra Modi’ I was very surprised by their reply. Their reply was way far from logic, they seemed to hate Modi and they were ready to vote anyone except Modi. I was very disappointed with this because they were not the backward or deprived one, they were the prosperous, well-educated and well-travelled persons. If they make their decision this way then what you expect from less educated and deprived section.
        Communal elements should never reach the parliament but a person who is religious should not be branded as communal, atleast not without proper evidence.  I read his blog where he has written that he was shaken to the core by communal riots. He really would have been suffered in pain and agony of accusations upon him which he did not perpetrate.
    I don’t understand why someone don’t brand ‘Farhan Azmi’ (Son of Abu Azmi and husband of Ayesha Takia) for going mum when asked about what he will do for non-Muslims in a news channel when he was making many statements what he will do to Muslims. On what terms he thinks that people of Mubai will vote for him. ‘How dumb of him’! J


Looking at the current scenario, it can easily be concluded that many Muslims are uniting against Modi for the apparent reason which is not logical enough. If they brand Modi as non-secular that what is this activity of theirs is. This will hurt the democracy and the future of India and it surely is unfortunate to see India in this situation despite of the economic and other achievements it has achieved in last two decades. If the 17 %(approx) population unite against him like this then what do they expect their counterparts to do? This will also polarize some Hindu voters too.
  I also can’t deny the fact that many Hindu people too are voting for Modi just because he is a Hindutva-brigadier. I have seen who supported Kejriwal’s campaign earlier turning against him just because he can stop Modi from gaining majority. They only reason for turning them against Kejriwal and in this way they have forgotten all the good works done by him. He has become their enemy now. All issues have forgotten, this election has become battle of religion ‘unfortunately’.

MY TAKE ON MODI  (Excellent administrator)

No wonder he is the strongest candidate. There are some good reasons and some bad reasons too. One good reason is the development which the ‘Gujrat’ state has achieved during his tenure as chief minister and the bad reason is he is gaining momentum because of his proverbial Hindutva. As far as I am concerned I want Arvind Kejriwal to be the prime minister more than I want to see Modi as PM.

(The comment which are made are my personal opinion based on whatever I have observed so far and not intended to accuse any religion in particular)

   My Appeal to you : Must Vote and more importantly your decision should be based on issues not on religion or caste. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Monday, April 7, 2014

That small town in the hills

A Beautiful View of 'That small town in the hills'
There’s a small town in the hills where I was born,
 where you can see the fields of wheat and corn!
Situated in the hills and surrounded by greenery,
you bet this place is full of picturesque scenery!!

Hardships of life there doesn’t affect the humility,
everything they will do not to lessen the credibility!
 No matter how much they suffer anguish and fear,
you will notice in the face it is a smile they wear!!

Living there I too had my share of joy and sorrow,
memories of there I embrace today and tomorrow!
Whether men or women everybody is benevolent,
you are less likely to meet someone so malevolent!!

Prior to my coming out it was a blessing in disguise,
life in big cities appeared as a complete surprise!
Hard to find the compassion content and serenity,
in order to survive you have to sell your dignity!!

Fed up with this life which I’m living in the fast lane,
wasting big portion of my life in buses and trains!
Scorching heat materialistic life and selfishness kills,
 I badly want to return to that small town in the hills!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't let this hypocracy ruin us this time

        Few days ago when I was reading a newspaper in the morning I happened to read an article in the editorial section written by Nidhi Kaith and I can’t tell you how much I coincide with the opinion of her about the ‘Aam Aadmi’.  She believes that Aam Aadmi is divided into two sections; one section is victim of the system and the other one is what we should be wary of; a perfect hypocrite. The latter one is dangerous to the democratic system like India. He idolizes someone who is fighting corruption like Kejriwal or Ashok Khemka but craves to live aristocratic life. He demands equality when he thinks he is victimized by inequality of some sort but also takes pride in being a Hindu, muslim, sikh, etc.

      The worst of hypocrites are our politicians, they seem to oppose tooth and nail the controversy surrounding the person on the opposite party but when similar kind of controversy surrounds their own party person they try to make every possible effort to defend him. Tune on to any news channel to watch discussions or debate on those matters you won’t find any of the party representatives making logical comments. Everywhere you go, anyone you see you will find everyone is divided into party supporters, and there aren’t any issues, no concerns just party support. They are loyal to the extent that they have almost turned blind to their party’s wrongdoings. No matter what their party or the leader is doing or saying they will support them in every case.

    If I had to give award for the emerging hypocrite award, I will give it to media. The same media who made Kejriwal  ‘Apple of  everyone’s eye’ after winning elections now turned against him so aggressively together and was trying hard to  project him as a devil, when he said ‘If he will come to power he will jail every corrupt persons in the media”. Editor of a news channel went to such an extent that he broadcasted an hour long episode, collecting and editing every footage he was able to, doing everything which could be done to malign the image of him. I don’t understand why he took the remark ‘corrupt person in media’ personally and was so agonized in anger that instead of showing ‘what was important at that point of time’ (current news) he used his status to vent out his anger. You guessed it right I am talking about the India news. Now what can we expect from this media.  The same media which agreed to broadcast the edited version of video showing Shazia Ilmi, Kumar Vishwas and other members of AAP party at negative side. Why did they agree to play the edited footage why didn’t they ask for the raw footage and when the truth was found out no one apologized. Don’t they have any responsibility towards society? Aren’t they required to investigate about the authenticity and reliability of the news and evidence they get before broadcasting it to the general public?

      Finally, I am also little disappointed with Kejriwal as well. He looked determined to change the politics and in some ways he has succeeded too some extent. We saw a change in the faces of the opposition; every party was looking for honest candidates in the Delhi assembly elections. But now it seems like Kejriwal is also falling down with his standards which he himself set. Recently we can see him hurling allegations and criticizing, he is still the best choice for us though; one fault cannot surpass the million things which he did right. I would certainly like to see him emphasizing on what good he will do to the society rather than criticizing opposite party members.

    Let’s hope this election, we will get rid of our hypocrisy and vote for a better tomorrow for India.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rising Of A Real Hero

Like the lizard gobbles up a fly,
the politicians has gobbled up our nation..!
                                                                      Why don’t they feel any  shame,
                                                             why can’t they fight this temptation..!!

Then came a man with a vision,
and the looters shouted with indignation..!
But he looked resolute for a change,
and created on millions an impression..!!

He looked as if an epitome of righteousness,
he was certainly an enemy of corruption..!
Determined to change the system,
 to sweep away the roots of corruption..!!

He overcame all the hurdles of his way,
still new non-sense is created by politician..!
        He is the savior of this sinking country,
          no one could shake his determination..!!

Though the common man had a say in democracy ,
I wonder how corruption had become a fashion..!
                                                                                           Now with the wave of change in this new year,
                                                                               He has become CM to save us out of this situation..!!

Yet to conquer many evils of this society,
 yet to save the common man from exploitation..!
                                                                                          Keep the spirit on and keep working your best,
                                                                                 Towards a better tomorrow is headed this nation..!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

It’s not just political party it’s revolution

Can't say anything just a tear drops from the corner of my eyes. After a long battle this win is just the first step towards glorious tomorrow. 
                Elections are over now and AAP has delivered extraordinary results. Nobody thought just one year old party could come up so strongly and uproot the party in power which has been there from almost two hundred years.  People of Delhi have proved that no matter how deep the roots of corrupted, dishonest, communal and looters are grounded; it will take just one broom to sweep them away.  For the first time people had choice for electing an honest party, choosing honest candidates upon whom they could rely on.  Everybody was skeptical whether AAP could make its presence felt to other parties but they had done what no other party could have done. They have created history and brought a new revolution which seemed distant and impossible looking at the past scenarios in India. 

        Parties which came to power have misused the power and resources of this country to their own interest still they came to the power. If we talk taking nation as a whole Congress and BJP were the only players in politics. The ministry was juggling from one to another but people had no other choice. The name politics itself used to bring disgust in mind.  Every honest person who came to change politics was changed by politics. Every faith was lost, every hope was lost but with the advent of Aam Aadmi Party every lost hope and faith was regained.  His way of doing work was way beyond this country’s level. Backing of many known and great personalities made this party stronger.

              One amazing thing which I have realized is that most of the people who are promoting AAP in anyway don’t have any political or personal interest they just want to get rid of all politicians who have defamed politics. There is only one interest associated with them; betterment of this country. Though I always wanted to see these well -deserving people to win but I was still skeptical that AAP could win so many seats.  There’s a reason behind it and for that reason my logical mind was coming to conclusions which wasn’t true.  I have been promoting and supporting Arvind Kejriwal long before he formed political party. Even I liked his practical thinking that without entering into politics it wouldn’t be possible to change it. In buses while travelling, in trains, with fellow students, with friends, with teachers and with everyone I met and got a chance to talk to I directly jumped to politics and emphasized to need to bring his party into the forefront. I was never this much concerned about politics. The same thing is happening with so many people all over India and even Indians all over the world but what made me disappointed was the response I was getting people were giving stupid excuses for not voting him. Some said he is not much experienced in politics. One of my old friend who is also a member of other political party posted a picture in Facebook showing Arvind Ji, Mayawati and Mulayam with caption that vote for them and they will sell your votes to Congress. After the declaration of AAP that he is not going to give or take any support from these corrupt parties that same guy didn’t even reply while I reminded him of that. J

                    I am proved wrong, I thought still most of the people are foolish but I guess I came across only stupid people in buses, classrooms or in any other place whose vote doesn’t count. I feel BJP could
secure so many seats only because people of Delhi were skeptical that AAP couldn’t secure so many seats to form the government but now the people are aware what a broom of aam aadmi could do they are definitely going to vote for AAP in case of reelection.
     Some are suggesting AAP should join hands with BJP and I can guess what is going inside their head. They want change in the politics but they couldn’t give up their attachment with BJP maybe because of communal reasons, if you get what I am saying.

      One thing is clear unlike other politicians, Arvind Kejriwal is man of his words and full of vision. He did what he said, he came up with manifestos in all constituencies. He was the one who was with the general public when they were protesting against in front of Shiela Dikshits house for the inability of making Delhi a safer place for women.  The war is already half won by him as all the parties were fielding candidates with clean image. There is probably less liquor and money distributed this time.  Without it no one could have imagined elections a year ago.

    What a change has come, what a glorious time for democracy, and Delhites have done superb this time. Congratulations to all !!!!!
    This is just a beginning …… Aage Aage Dekho Hota Hai Kya (Let’s see what happens next). This is certainly a giant leap towards a better tomorrow for Delhites. Not it’s time for whole India to wake up.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sensitivity to the Disabled

When no other teacher wants to teach at deaf schools a wealthy foreigner chose to leave behind everything and come to India to teach these deaf students
     Yesterday I had to visit Nehru Place in Delhi to fetch my document from a company office. While returning from there I decided to visit my friend as I had obtained a daily pass for that day for just fifty bucks, which empowered me to catch any DTC bus (except interstate buses) destined to anywhere in Delhi without shedding any more rupees on the ticket. This is a facility which I appreciate very much when I have to visit several place in just one day in this city. I boarded a bus and with me several children all dressed in school uniforms also got on the bus.

           Hearing an odd sound I looked back at them and noticed that they were talking with their hands and making bizarre sounds spasmodically  attracting everybody’s attention in that bus. I looked at their faces which looked innocent but happy, overshadowing the agonies which they might have suffered so far. I looked at the identity card clipped in front of chest-pocket of a student, written a name of special school for deaf boys.  I felt contented for the facilities which they are getting from the government probably free of cost or maybe for a meager amount. They didn’t even bought ticket which means they were carrying pass and that too for a petty amount. Without these facilities they couldn’t have gone to school as they didn’t looked like children from a well off family.

           A guy of my age who was standing beside me smiled to me and said something which was directed to them. May be he was dumb enough to not find out that they were special children without hearing capacity. He thought they were deliberately doing something which was not usual with normal children.  As the crowd grew on bus, the people passing the corridor were blaming those innocents and their satchel for the trouble which they were facing.

 Is their satchel that much big to occupy the whole space in the bus??     
These noisy men and women with big buttocks was the real problem??
         I think the latter one being the big problem for lack of space. Their container sized butts take a large chunk of space where two normal sized people can comfortably stand.  Still, they blame the bags of school students for the mess. Their ass has grown so big because they have maids to do their household chores and they go to park to walk hurriedly  to shed extra kilos and these same people blame the school bags in the crowded metro-trains or buses for the nuisance.

        I was more shocked to see the insensitiveness of the driver for these special students. When one of them went in front to stand near the gate, the driver started to curse him in Haryanavi indifferent to the hurt he was causing to their innocent hearts.  Why can’t these people understand and give respect to others, especially to those persons who need it most.  This insensitiveness is a blot on our culture and most of us blame western culture but looking at these events I feel most of the things in western culture are far more better than ours.

 Do lack of education is the reason for this insensitiveness?? If yes, then why do we need education to teach us the basic manners which we should know from the age we become conscious. There is a need of this kind of sensitivity to build a better future for everyone, to build a better tomorrow for all.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Make the right choice this time

             It’s the awakening which happened to me last night, the same awakening which happened to Arvind Kejriwal when he decided to form his own political party. The decision was right as it’s difficult to change the system without being in the system and when it’s the political system of India it doesn't remain difficult, it becomes impossible to change without being in it. I didn’t join his party thinking that my opinion about him in my posts would look selfish. Now I don’t care anymore if I look selfish because I am, I have my selfish reasons, the same reasons which will benefit every citizen of this country, not just politicians and their relatives.

    Finally, I took the membership of AAM AADMI PARTY, which just cost me ten rupees and gave me a lot of satisfaction. I can’t describe my feeling  which the thank you letter from the party gave me, which read

 “Dear Shailesh Gururani,
On behalf of all of us at Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), We welcome you in this political movement as a member of AAP. We appreciate and acknowledge the first step you have taken towards the efforts for building a Nation which confirms to what we call “SWARAJ”.“Such support motivates us to continue to work hard for something and something that helps make a difference”. One small step of yours would ultimately mean a Giant leap for our Nation.  We hope that you will continue to partner with us in our commitment to make this Nation proud once again.  Thank you for being an important member of our political movement. Best Regards,AAP”
                       Ha Ha Ha  J  … I am sorry if it seems unimportant for a post. I couldn’t resist myself showing you the appreciation letter though it’s not imperative here.
I have seen people making fuss about the Prashant Bhushan’s statement about Kashmir or any other petty thing for that matter but one thing is for sure we really don’t have any better choice than Arvind Kejriwal in this present political situation. Not only party members but other members are also promoting the party on social networks and I don’t think they are getting any direct benefits out of that. It’s the urge to raise issues which common man is facing but couldn’t raise before and when raised generally suppressed by the men in power.

        Tell me honestly, do you really think personalities like Meera Sanyal, Kailash Kher or Rabbi Shergill extended their support out of any greed?? In fact, they are actually sacrificing many things and are exposed to various risks by extending their support to the party. People who are criticizing AAP or Arvind Kejriwal have their selfish reasons for that. They all are related to opposite parties or getting direct benefits out of it for sure. Last day, one of my friend who is related to other party posted on his Facebook profile a picture which accused Arvind Kejriwal of something which would be the last thing he would ever want to do. It definitely showed that person’s selfishness and consequently lost my respect for him.

    Many of my family members are from other political party and some of them have held good positions on the party and if that party wins next election, those members will be at profitable positions still I want AAP to win because I don’t want any persons to get benefitted at the cost of others, even if the benefitting persons are from my family. I hope this time people will make the right choice, a choice for which they won’t have to regret in the future.  The choice which will be a step Towards A Better Tomorrow.

Friday, October 25, 2013

For the greater interest of society

Collectivism is better for the society
             Recently I had to visit my village which is situated in the district of Almora. Although I spent my early four years there in the village, I was too young to remember those moments. The memories of my childhood spent there have faded and whatever I remember of that are scattered in pieces, gathering and knitting them together would not make meaningful story. However, I used to spend most of my vacations there and have many unforgettable moments which made me connected to the village life as well.

    During my childhood, my grandmother showered more love to me than my own mother. Every morning I used to get a lota (brass vessel) full of milk.  She was the epitome of love atleast to us (her grandchildren) and showered us with all the love a grandmother could give to her grandchildren.  The reason of my visit this time was to attend funeral of her that is why I couldn’t abstain myself from venting my grief on this post. L

             We had to cross two hills and walk about more than five kilometers to reach there. The conditions are no different since last twenty years; nothing has changed in this regard. Some villages which are farther than my village are more than ten kilometers far from the nearest roads and what makes this journey difficult is the rugged pathways. Climbing up and down on the slopes will make this journey laboriously fatiguing.
 This time I am not blaming government for the pathetic situation, there are some people to blame, few people and because of them all villages nearby have to suffer. Everytime the concerned department surveys there, some people (those same few people) write an application and make some more people sign it by fooling them into something and the actual construction work never starts.

    Those people include;
   Ghodiwalas (Horse-Owners) : All the villagers have to be dependent on them for carrying of their luggage and they charge ferociously. They think when there will be road their whole business will be destroyed. Consequently, they unite together and do whatever they can do to stop the building of roads there. 

Who’d have to sacrifice a little part of their land:  Even my family had to spare off some land for this and the amount we will get as compensation would be meager but I know that the benefits will outweigh what we have to sacrifice but some narrow-minded, selfish bastards of my village doesn’t seem to understand.

Some jealous villagers, some absent minded people and some shop owners who think their sales will decrease because of the road people would have more accessibility which will prevent them from charging exorbitant prices, are also in this list and because of them villages there are lacking basic infrastructural facilities.

               This might be the story of many villages which are still lagging far behind in the development path. I wonder, when the people are going to come out from the net of individualism, maybe when it’s too late?? I hope not. When people will overcome these barriers of individualism then certainly this world would be better place to live. Foundation of the better tomorrow lies in collectivism, for the greater interest of society where we live in.  We have to forgo our selfish interests for the greater interest of society, of course, it will bring fruitful results in the long term.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let's make ourselves deserving first.

Charred buses, damaged public property after the protest (who is at the loss??? We are)
                 It was a decade ago, when I was in school. Computers were rare (atleast for the lower middle class family like mine) unlike the present time when it’s an essential household item now.  My school had a computer lab and there were 10 computers in that room. The total strength of my school was more than 2000 students, so most of us hardly got any chance to operate it. On my way to school, just 50 meters far away from my school gate, there was a small structure being built, I thought maybe there were building a public lavatory but wondered why weren't they building it on the main road. One day, we came to hear about the news which was creating buzz in the whole school. There was a NGO which was going to install some computers on that structure which I previously thought as a public toilet. That was it, a small computer lab with four computers. During the day time the keyboard were kept outside and the monitor was inside those four small windows. They would shut the windows after five in the evening and open it at 10 at the morning. There was no one to keep a watch.

        Although, we heard from many about it being a free service to all but we were still cynical. Besides that, we were always scared of operating a computer without assistance as we always heard our computer teacher saying
    “If you’ll press the wrong button, it will damage the computer”
 and the fear of unknown always prevented us from operating in it.    I had my previous schooling from a private school and there was computer lab too. I knew to play games, music and typing and because of that I was leading my gang of four on that day. I told them I will show them how to operate a computer and they followed without any resistance.

         When we got there, we were disappointed to see the long lines of students waiting for their turn.  I made my way through the crowd to see what was going on there.  As usual, the school bully boys had captured all the systems.  We didn’t even think of waiting looking at the lost list of bystanders.  I told my friends that we will come some other day when they all will get bored of it.  Soon the hope turned to despair when we saw the condition of that public lab. The keyboards were missing most of the keys.  Everyone who got the chance to work in the systems took out the key with initial letters of their name.  Frustrated by this, it was shut permanently maybe by the same organisation who thought of providing free computers to the students.

       That structure is still there and wearing out gradually, lies inside piles of rubbles, telling the story of apathy of citizens and students of this city. This is just one incident of my life. I have been through many similar incidents which fill me with disgust. 
We always keep complaining about inefficiency of our government and law and keep criticizing politicians. These incidents really make me believe that saying;
  “We get what we deserve”

        Let’s make ourselves deserving first than we will be in a position to criticize. Let’s take an oath that we won’t destroy any public property and not even any private property. In protests too we destroy and damage public property then we wonder where all the public money is wasted.  Why can’t we take care of the public property like our own? If we change our behaviour and attitude towards this we will certainly be able to create a better tomorrow.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

'The teachers' everyone should have

               Like most of us, I too consider my mother as my greatest teacher but there are many things about her which make her special in many ways. Despite the physical and mental agonies which she had to go through all her life so far, she always stuck up to his empathetic nature, kindness, unconditional love and humble nature.  I inherited most of her good things in me. The best part of her is, she is always careful whatever she does and whatever she speaks so as not to hurt others and maybe that’s why I am also not that straightforward and outspoken. Seemingly, it might sound something negative but I think otherwise.  

           I don’t really remember my first day at school but I remember the first teacher whose image is never going to delete from my memories. My first teacher was a very funny guy and that too in a childish way. I guess that’s what we want when we are at the tender age of less than ten years. One more thing I should mention that he used to make fart-like sounds with clasping both palms together. I still remember him giving us the answers in a unit test though the other teacher at the room protested that. He was favourite of mine and my friends. Whether good or bad, my irrational mind of that time was unable to decide that and I still like him the way he was. I learnt enjoying my life and spreading happiness from him.

                In my secondary education I failed to learn something from the teachers there because I hardly gave attention in any class. I was not interested but forced to study. I hope you can guess from where all those force comes from.  Teachers came and went but there wasn’t any lifelong impression on me but when I entered in college life, the changes began appearing in me.
College life bring with it different people in my life, I learned different perspective of looking at things. My thoughts were getting broader than ever before. I acquired the habit of reading and this filled me with new knowledge and thinking. This was first noticed by professor Kavidyal and he started giving extra attention to me. There were times when he admired me in front of whole class and told things which I never heard before like ‘you will go a long way’. I sure wanted to be successful before as well and I thought successful meant making huge money or a higher designation. I think he meant the latter one. With the appreciation and expectation I felt compelled to work hard. What truly inspired me were not his praises but his knowledge and dedication towards his work. Besides that, he always emphasized on living life with values and ethics. Honestly speaking, other professors and teachers there, stand nowhere near him. Apart from being a good teacher of subjects, he is also a guiding light of my life. He was the first one in my student life to teach values in life. Other teachers taught subjects only but he taught many other things, constantly told us to be honest, sincere, dedicated and well behaved to all. He would always be the teacher of my student life who deserves most respect.

             Going ahead in my education, I met two more teachers who were able to put good impression on me. Mr. Pankaj Updadhyay and Mr. Maninder Singh. When I used to attent Pankaj sir’s class, I used to see Kavidyal sirs reflection on him. I attended just 4 classes of Maninder sir but this short time was enough to made a mark on me These all teachers gave me many valuable lessons in life which I am not going to forget, apart from just teaching, the lessons which might not land me in very high designation or any high paying job but certainly to a life which is worth living. All the good things I will be doing in my future will the consequence of their teachings. These persons above will always be my ideals whose teachings will guide me in every walk of life.

            I think  if everybody will get these kind of teachers in their life and learn the way I have learnt from them, I can’t guarantee a richer world but I can guarantee a better tomorrow for everyone.